rqst Data Ops

Use rqst to manage user onboarding requests, establish a sustainable workflow, and understand the impact on your environment.

Pair with the dvvy app for end-to-end data source and customer reporting goodness.

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Structure + Sanity

Solving for:

"Is this the right spreadsheet? Wait. What spreadsheet are you looking at?"

Lose the spreadsheets. Get immediate visibility and situational awareness on data source status.

Forecast License & Infrastructure Needs

Helping with:

"Do we have enough infrastructure to accommodate growth?"

Better understand the impact of users' requests on your Splunk license and infrastructure. Make the right investments and grow more predictably.

Understand the Financial Impact

An approach to:

"What will all of this cost?"

Define your internal costs and approximate the budgetary impact of data sources. Use this information to support data planning and prioritization.


The rqst app leverages the Splunk KV store for all app configuration and data storage/retrieval. There are no external requirements to run the app.

Happy New Year! The rqst app is now free and open.

As of 1/1/2024, the rqst app is freely available on GitHub. Please consider using and contributing.

If you previously licensed rqst, you will be fully supported for the duration of your license term.