Happy 2024!

Friends, customers, Splunkers, lend me your ears eyes.

RedFactor apps have been open sourced and new services are coming.

In late 2017, I made the ridiculously difficult (some would just say "ridiculous") decision to leave my position at Splunk. I'd developed an acute entrepreneurial itch that could only be scratched by taking the plunge into self employment. RedFactor took flight in 2018.

In the years that followed, I devoted myself to Splunkcraft - solving tough problems, making cool stuff, and helping customers succeed. I consulted with many world-class organizations, teamed up with some awesome companies, and made some great friends along the way.

Today, the sixth anniversary of the company's launch, marks the beginning of a new chapter. A reboot and relaunch of our services is in the works. While Splunk will remain an important part of our portfolio, we're expanding into other areas. We're also changing how all of that Splunkiness is delivered.

I'm also thrilled to announce that the dvvy and rqst apps, commercially available since 2019, are now free and open source. Moving forward, we will offer services focused on the customization and operationalization of these apps, as well as bespoke Splunk solutioning.

It takes a village to raise good software. I think that is especially true of Splunk. I'm really excited about the collaboration, innovation, and other goodness this change makes possible.

To our customers: thank you. We hope that you will join us on the next phase of our adventure. In the meantime, we will continue to support your use of the commercially licensed apps through the end of your license term.


Jay Benfield
Founder & Partner


New brand, new website, & new services landing soon. New software strategy: NOW()!

Open-Source Versions

dvvy Chargeback Info | GitHub
rqst Data Ops Info | GitHub


We have announced End-of-Sale/End-of-Support dates for the commercially licensed dvvy and rqst apps:

dvvy EOS Announcement
rqst EOS Announcement