Hi, we're RedFactor.

Little. Red. Different. Apps to make you Splunking successful.

RedFactor is a Splunk ISV with products that drive success for public sector and commercial customers.

Our Apps

Christene Benfield, Managing Partner

Formerly a Management & Program Analyst with US Customs & Border Protection, Christene applies her diverse skill set to keep things running smoothly and our customers happy. She has extensive experience managing large projects and teams of technical staff in mission-critical environments.

Jay Benfield, Founder

Jay is a longtime Splunk advocate who is passionate about solving complex problems with the platform. Before starting RedFactor, Jay was a technical leader in the Splunk Public Sector organization, where he led teams of engineers dedicated to the success of Federal customers.

The Bird

Our icon represents the coal miner's canary. While not an endorsement of this bygone practice, we thought it was a fitting symbol for our work. (Red Factor is a type of canary.)

As you use Splunk to dig around in the dark for valuable things, we play a critical role in supporting your efforts. As a company, we are committed to the success of Splunk customers and that drives everything we do.